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Ajijaak on Turtle Island

2018_02_07_Ajijaak photo by Theo Cote 24.jpg

Written by Ty Defoe

Separated from her family, young whooping crane Ajijaak undertakes her first migration from Canada to coastal Texas alone. Her journey is disrupted by environmental, industrial, and mythical chaos. Ajijaak must follow her intuition to fly onward, learning from the neo-indigenous communities she encounters along the way. Bringing community together through puppetry, traditional dances, projections and kites, jijaak on Turtle Island will inspire the next generation of eco-champions.

\ Production History

La Mama, February 2018

\ Creative Team

Directed by
Ty Defoe and Heather Hensen

Projection Design
Katherine Freer

Scenic Design
Christopher Swader & Justin Swader

Costume Design
Lux Haac

Lighting Design
Marika Kent

Sound Design
Emma Wilke

Puppet Design & Fabrication by
 Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

Music by
Dawn Avery & Larry Mitchell, Kevin Tarrant, and Ty Defoe