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Undesirable Elements: Generation NYZ


Written by Sara Zatz and Kirya Traber, in collaboration with the performers

Edwin Aguila, Monica Victoria Tatacoya Castañeda, Syl (Andrea) Egerton, Murtaza, De-Andra Pryce, Porscha Polkahantis Rippy, Rafael Rosario

Ping Chong + Company amplifies the voices of young New Yorkers in the 25th Anniversary of UNDESIRABLE ELEMENTS at The New Victory Theater. With affecting vulnerability, bold honesty and enduring spirit, Syl, Porscha, Edwin, Mohammad, Monica, De-Andra and Rafael bravely speak their truths and share their stories. From East New York to West Harlem and from the South Bronx to Far Rockaway, witness the jubilant victories, recent discord and distant dreams of coming of age in this great, big city.

To create this show, co-writers and directors Sara Zatz and Kirya Traber reached out to over 50 community organizations and schools across the five boroughs of New York City, seeking young adults from a range of neighborhoods, identities, and experiences who were interested in telling their stories on stage. The Generation NYZ performers illuminate, in their own words, the challenges and joys of growing up in New York City, and all that goes into making our city inclusive, gritty, determined, creative and rich with community.

\ Production History

The Duke on 42nd Street, January 2018

\ Creative Team

Directed by
Sara Zatz and Kirya Traber

Projection Design
Katherine Freer

Lighting Design
Marika Kent

Sound Design
Luqman Brown