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A young journalist is assigned to write about sexual assault on college campuses and must find a unique angle for the story that will sell. During her investigation, she encounters a student with a horrific story to tell. Determined to bring the events to light, this ambitious reporter refuses to let anything stop her — including the truth.

\ Production History

Abingdon Theater, June - July 2016

\ Creative Team

Directed by
Tony Speciale

Projection Design
Katherine Freer

Lighting Design
Daisy Long

Sound Design
Christian Frederickson

Scenic Design
Jo Winiarski

Costume Design
Hunter Kaczorowski

\ Press

On the physical level, this production takes exacting care: Jo Winiarski's conference room set has wit and polish, and Katherine Freer's projections are likewise extremely well done. 

- Helen Shaw, TimeOut

The projection design by Katherine Freer served as another reminder of how much influence the media has on any story, and how permanent these stories become after they are put online.

- Liz Lombardi, Center On the Aisle