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John Faustus and the Overclocked Death Drive


John Faustus was a rising star, raking it in as a bright young programmer at a multi-bazillion dollar corporation and engaged to the world's most wonderful woman. When his fiancé, Helen, dies in a tragically apropos accident, he loses his girl, his job, and, with nothing else to lose, his soul. Aided by the devil Mephistophilis, he recklessly jet-sets around the world, working like a dog and partying like a rockstar, becoming crazy rich and wildly famous along the way. In turns benevolent and cruel, he uses his new found omnipotence for both good and evil. But in the end, there's always Hell to pay, and the faster you go, the hotter it gets. 

John Faustus and the Overclocked Death Drive is a frenetic and futuristic multimedia adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus. Directed by Andrew Scoville (Assistant Director, Broadway's Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson), Faustus joyfully exploits new technologies while exploring timeless themes of lost love, revenge, and the reasons that man is willing to sacrifice his soul. 

\ Production History

45th Street Theater, January 2011

\ Creative Team

Directed by
Andrew Scoville

Video and iPad Development
Dave Tennent & Katherine Freer

Lighting Design: 
Joe Cantalupo

Costume Design
Jesca Prudencio

Original Music and Sound Design
James Monaco