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PS Jones and the Frozen City

The World as we know it is long gone. Appetite and hubris have divided the world in three.

Our hero, the diminutive and unassuming P.S. Jones, is doing what he does best, shovelling poop and daydreaming. P.S. dreams of visiting The Frozen City, a utopian world just visible beyond the forbidden Burning Waste. The only thing worse than knowing he’ll never set foot in The Frozen City is finding out that his tall, handsome, charming, (incurably vapid) brother Benjamin is about to take a real life zeppelin to the The Frozen City where he’ll be deified on account of being so pretty.

After a tearful and tight-lipped goodbye, P.S. hunkers down and gets back to work. He doesn’t know that his shovel is about to unearth something that will change his life forever, or that he’s about to go on a long and difficult journey, that it’s gonna hurt, that lessons will be learned and that he’s gonna one day set foot inside the thick glass of The Frozen City. Perhaps it’s best to know a bit more about what you’re wishing for.

What will P.S. do when the fate of all three worlds rests in his hand?

 \ Production History

The New Ohio Theatre, December 2012

\ Creative Team

Written by 
Robert Askins
Directed by 
José Zayas
Projections Design
Alex Koch & Dave Tennent 
Projections Illustrator 
Katherine Freer
Scenic Design
Jason Simms
Puppet Design
Eric Wright & The Puppet Kitchen
Costume Design
Carla Bellisio
Lighting Design
Ryan O’Gara
Sound Design
Jane Shaw & Emma Wilk