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Around the World in 80 Days

A Fun Frolic. A Fantastic Update of the Jules Verne Classic.

To win a bet, Phileas Fogg and his acrobatic sidekick Passepartout must circle the globe and return to London inside of 80 days. Unknowingly pursued by a tireless detective convinced Fogg is a robber on the run, the fast-minded, fleet-footed pair traverse 4 continents and 3 oceans in a white-knuckled sprint. Phileas Fogg is the Victorian Action Hero. 39 characters deftly portrayed by 5 physically unparalleled actors.

\ Production History

New Theater at 45th Street, May 2013

\ Creative Team

Rachel Klein

Projection Design
Kate Freer

Scenic Design 
Robert Kovach

Lighting Design
Ben Kato

Sound Design
Sean Hagerty