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Interior Designs

Carolyn Dorfman’s new work that finds the place where technology and art meet, to create an unforgettably human experience.

INTERIOR DESIGNS is a collaboration between Dorfman and other accomplished women artists, incorporating a commissioned score, original video projections and video mapping and integrated lighting and costume designs. In INTERIOR DESIGNS, the entire theater becomes the stage as Dorfman and her collaborators create an immersive environment that reveals the internal and external worlds of both performer and spectator.

\ Production History

New Jersey Performing Arts Center, March 2014
Kean University, August 2013
Laguardia Performing Arts Center, May 2013

\ Creative Team

Carolyn Dorfman

Svjetlana Bukvich

Lighting Designer
Kate Ashton

Video Projection Design 
Katherine Freer 

Interactive Developer
Dave Tennent

Costume Design
Anna-Alisa Belous